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The gold price in Dubai can be easily and reliably accessed from the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange.  Dubai is a legendary international nexus for trading physical gold and other essential and valuable commodities.  In November of 2005, the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) was established to serve the local and regional economy, thereby modernizing this meeting place for traders.  What started as the area’s first exchange for commodity derivatives is now the premier derivatives exchange in the entire Middle East.

DGCX was spawned through the collaborative efforts of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Financial Technologies Limited in India, and the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (better known as MCX).  Further, DGCX offers a talented management team of experts from within the commodities, securities, and financial services sectors.  Combined, they provide a smorgasbord of experience that makes DGCX the fantastic success it is.

Gold Price In Dubai – Commanding Your Attention

Gold has reached the point of commanding your attention.  Whether or not you should buy gold is one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself.  A start in the right direction is simply to recognize that the world’s wealthiest people often retain a respectable portion of their assets in gold, whether jewelry, bullion, or coins.  That alone should be reason enough to find out the gold price in Dubai and determine how much you can afford to buy today.  But let’s take a closer look and build the case for gold to help explain why ETF gold vehicles and gold funds are exploding..

Gold is fascinating with respect to other precious metals.  For instance, it is not as widely used in industrial applications as something like silver or palladium.  Likewise, it’s not even as rare as platinum.  Even diamonds are more rare than gold.  Nevertheless, gold is the center of attention.

Along with frankincense and myrrh, it was gold that was taken as a gift to baby Jesus.  It is the universally accepted real money that honest governments once used as a reference point for their funny money.  Gold is the metal of choice for adorning palaces, our bodies, and anything else we value.

Gold Price In Dubai – A Fortress Of Wealth

Gold has an unprecedented track record.

Gold has a history of being used as a store of value and medium of exchange for literally thousands of years.  The history of mankind has witnessed the rise and fall of empire after empire.  In fact, it appears we are witnessing the decline of the United States as the most recent empire to slide from the top of the totem pole.  Gold is neither impressed nor concerned about this fact, or the worldwide financial instability brought about by reckless printing of paper money and record sovereign debt problems.  So, if you want a place of refuge, a veritable calm in the storm, gold is unlikely to disappoint after a perfect track record.  If you check the gold price in Dubai and think gold seems expensive, the reality is that your currency is cheap, which brings me to my next point.

Gold Price In Dubai – Unwavering Purchase Power

Gold, as a true form of real money, is a stable asset.

Gold actually maintains its purchasing power across time.  As a store of value, gold holds its worth in a remarkably consistent value.  One can look at the gold price in Dubai and assert that gold is too expensive.  However, the examination is backwards.  People often seek to value gold by asking how much gold they can get for their currency.  Since gold is the real, hard, tangible asset, the actual question is how much “money” can I get for my gold.

Gold really doesn’t get consumed, and this facts impacts the gold price in Dubai.  Most all of the gold that ever was still exists in some form, so the amount of gold supply is pretty stable.  Not surprisingly, the purchasing power of gold has been steady over time.  What fluctuates is the paper money.  They rise and fall against one another.  And they rise and fall against gold as they strengthen and weaken.

The price of gold, in fiat money terms, has always been steady when the fiat money was itself tied to gold.  Obviously, the connection between the two held the ratio.  Once paper money is unhinged from the anchor of gold, and printed as fast as trees can be cut down, all bets are off and the increased supply of paper makes it unavoidably worth less.

Here’s an example to bring the point home.  It’s been said that an ounce of gold could buy a nice man’s suit 100 years ago.  The same is true today.  We only see the number’s change because of the inflation game that allows the banking elite to steal wealth from the masses.  Gold is actually the great equalizer, however.  Holding any finances in gold, versus Dollars, would have led to a chronic opportunity to swap back into Dollars later on and end up with more than before.  This can neutralize, if not nullify, the effects of inflation!

Gold Price In Dubai – The Future Is Calling

Gold is only going up relative to paper money.

It’s not just the gold price in Dubai that’s rising like a tide.  Countries all over the world are facing unprecedented circumstances that only let the sun shine on gold.  There are vast numbers of unemployed people.  There is uprising among people groups that have been oppressed throughout history.  Global food shortages are causing concern.  Inflation is looking grim, and hyperinflation is a distinct possibility.  Countries are facing trade deficits and are competing to devalue their currency.  In doing so, they are choosing inevitable failure for a glimpse of short term success.

Whatever the gold price in Dubai is today, I’m confident it will be significantly more next year.  If, for whatever reason you are fond of your native currency, then it would still make sense to buy gold.  You can switch to gold for a year, and then come back and exchange it for even more of the paper money you love!  With the near certainty that your native currency will slip against gold in the next months and even years, there’s no better time than right now to get some gold.  There have been reported shortages and delays with delivery.  Get some while you still can.  You will not regret it as the gold price in Dubai is only going up.